Character Breakdown

  1. Robot Guardian
    I rigged the robot, modeled and designed by Till Aschwanden and animated by Jared Freitag, for the same project now in production with 9K9 Studios. The rigging process had to be flexible enough to allow Till to continue working on the model without having it stall production and animation, this being the main challenge addressed early in production considering a character built out of many objects. Other tasks range from writing expressions to animate the movements of the pistons and gears to getting full functionality out of the hydrolics.
  2. Platypus
  3. This piece was done as a part of a production test for the studio Rhythm and Hues. The model and texturing was done by Pakavich Buranabutr, the fur was done by Adam Dorner, animation was done by Oscar Ojeda and Henry Hoang. I rigged and setup the muscle system for the furry little guy.
  4. Exodus Test
    I rigged and animated the garlic pod and creeper for The Art Institute's game production team, Game Wizards, for the game Exodus. I was involved with the game from the pitching phase and plan to see it to completion as Animation Lead. Along with animating for the project, I also participated in modeling and testing out concepts and working out how to achieve the ideas while meeting the requirements for them to function in the game engine.
  5. Aiden
    I rigged and animated the model, done by Solomon Gaitan for The Art Institute's game production team, Game Wizards, for the game Exodus. A full body rig was done for the entire model, with a strong focus placed on facial deformation. The entire face is deformed by joints, over 100, to allow for more flexiblity and a wider range of expresions.
  6. Tentacle
    Along with createing a fully funtional rig that was capable of FK/IK blending, stretching IK, and sliding along an animated curve; I also developed both a script that automated the process for the setup of a stretchy IK system and the FK/IK blending system. The script uses a combination of Maya's Embeded Language (MEL) and Python.
  7. J.I.M.M.Y.
    I designed, modeled and rigged J.I.M.M.Y. the robot for a 3D visual effect piece. The focus for him was getting full functionality from all the mechanical gears and pistons. Using a combination of expressions and constraints, the geometry was bound to the rig.
  8. Peanut
    I designed, modeled and rigged Peanut as a concept piece for my 3D short, Home Town Heroes. The focus of the rig was to have a setup that allow key framed animation and also automated animation, driven by dynamic joints using hair follicles and also by using animated textures.